Targa Cars
The aim of this site is
To give a quick visual guide to the cars in Targa NZ events.

I am using images taken from various sources at Targa NZ Events.

Targa NZ 2015
26th Oct to 31st Oct 2015

Targa South Island 2014
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Chris Lewis
2015 Targa NZ
26th Oct   to   31st Oct
Chris Lewis
2015 Bambina
15th May   to   17th May
Andy Mygind
2015 RallySprint
8th March
Mike Lowe
2014 Targa South Island
27th October   to   2nd November
Martin Day
2014 Targa North Island
16th May  to  18th May
Barry K-B
2013 Targa New Zealand
30th October  to  3rd November
Donald Webster
2013 Targa Rotorua
10th  to  12th May
Harry Dodson
2013 RallySrpint
2nd March
Martin Dippe
2012 Targa NZ
22nd  to  27th October
Ross Graham
2012 Targa Rotorua
8th  to  10th June
Tony Quinn
2012 Targa Bambina
16th  to  18th March
Leigh Hopper
2011 Targa New Zealand
24th  to  29th October
Glenn Inkster
2011 Targa Rotorua
3rd  to  5th June
Alan Lewis
2011 Targa Bambina
11th  to  13th March
Dr Nick
2010 Dunlop Targa
25th October  to  30th October